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*New Video* Finding the Right Place t...

*New Video* Finding the Right Place to Use Your Section 8 Voucher
We are pleased to share with you a new education video. It was created thanks to a grant that OHA, Oregon Law Center and Multi Family NW received from Meyer Memorial Trust.  It explains how new voucher holders should go about looking for a place to use their voucher.

Happy in Homeownership

JOHN DAY, OREGON – Twenty-eight-year-old Cody Powell seems to have a permanent grin on his handsome face and for good reason. He is the new proud owner of his very own home.“It’s mine and that feels great,” said Powell. “It takes a lot of worries away.”Cody graduated from Grant Union High School in 2005. He remembers that year well beca [...]

Richland School Apartments

Richland School Apartments
Richland Senior Housing and Community Center Below is an article created by our partners, Pinnacle Architecture about the creation of the Richland School Apartments.Re-purposing an Aging School into Senior Living   Richland, Oregon is a small community of farmers with an aging population. Senior housing is scar [...]

Utility Company Survey now available ...

Utility Company Survey now available online.
The NORTHEAST OREGON HOUSING AUTHORITY is a federally funded rent subsidy program for low income people living within Union, Wallowa, Baker, and Grant Counties.Our agency is in the process of reviewing the current utility allowances, which are used in the calculation of the amount of rent which a tenant on our program will pay.This survey is [...]

*New Video* Oregon’s Section 8 ...

We are pleased to share with you this new Section 8 education video that was created thanks to the grant that OHA, Oregon Law Center and Multi Family NW received from Meyer Memorial Trust. Oregon Law Center led in the creation of this video, which covers the basics of the new law and explains why landlords can feel more secure in renting to v [...]

Now Accepting Applications for Blue S...

Union County’s brand new multi-family affordable housing complex is being built now and will be open for new residents this spring. There will be sixteen 1-bedroom apartments, twelve 2-bedroom apartments, and ten 3-bedroom apartments. Handicapped accessible units will be available. Rent is based on your income. If your income is low you [...]

Apply online for our Programs

Apply online for our Programs
Northeast Oregon Housing Authority has added a new online application.  You can now apply for one of Northeast Oregon Housing Authorities programs right on your computer with no need to download or print anything! The online application also works on Smartphones or tablets. Before you begin, please make sure you have:The social security numbe [...]

Asking a Landlord to Make Repairs

From time to time in any structure, whether it be an apartment, duplex, or a house, the need for repairs will arise. It is important as a renter to know what steps to take to have repairs completed in a timely fashion. There are two main types of repairs. Those that are considered an “essential service” as defined below should be [...]

House Bill 2639 Now in Effect

House Bill 2639 Now in Effect
  House Bill 2639 went into effect on July 1, 2014 and will offer Source of Income Protection for our tenants and a Landlord Guarantee Program for landlords. Oregon law has long prohibited discrimination in rental or for-sale housing (including advertising the sale or rental of housing) on the basis [...]

Blue Springs Crossing Site Elevations

We are very excited to share new site elevations with you for Blue Springs Crossing. We are sure that the beauty of this complex will add to the community.Here is a sample of the building elevations.This is the proposed design for the community room.Below are the sample unit layouts.
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